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Test Your Knowledge
of farm animals!

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  • 1. I like to quack and waddle
  • 2. I am related to sheep and am one of the oldest domesticated animals. Males are called Billies
  • 3. I am a bovine and people like my milk
  • 4. I am a four legged animal that lives in South America and can be used as a pack animal. I also have a repuation for spitting.
  • 5. My dad is a donkey and my mom is a horse
  • 6. I am a bird that lays eggs for people to eat
  • 7. I am a group of birds that honks and is larger than a duck


  • 8. I am man's best friend
  • 9. I am a bird that is very popular at thanksgiving
  • 10. I have long ears and my feet are lucky
  • 11. I am man's other best friend
  • 12. I am smaller than a horse and am used as a pack animal
  • 13. I am a primate that is smaller than a chimpanzee